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Avaya IP Office
Avaya IP Office which is designed by Avaya Inc provided a telecommunication system for samll and mid-sized businesses to meet their commnunications needs. This all-in-one solution can support a wide range of digital phones and scale a variety of extensions from 2 to 360. Avaya IP Office features in its new modular design and converged voice and data technology. Avaya IP Office makes business more efficient and meets customer service requirements greatly! Using our VARSearch(tm) engine, you can easily find an Avaya IP Office system dealer nearest you!

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Avaya IP Office Phone System

Product Description:

Currently, the newest version of Avaya IP Office is 3.1. Avaya IP Office 3.1 significantly enhances the efficiency and convenience for customers and business partners. Avaya IP Office supports various digital phones (such as 2010, 2030, 2050, 20CC, 20DS, 2402, 2410, 2420, 4406, 4412, 4424, 5402, 5410, 5420,6408, 6416, 6424) and IP phones (such as 4601, 4602, 4602SW, 4610, 4610sw, 4620 , 4620sw, 4621sw, 5601, 5602, 5602SW, 5610, 5620). Avaya IP Office provides a total voice and data communication solution to support both single locations and multi-site networks. The built-in capabilities of basic call center/voice messaging, the scalability of business growing, and the functionality as a traditional phone system will greatly benefit samll and mid-sized businesses.

Verticall IP Office 4600


Avaya IP Office
Business Benefits:


Complete list of phones supported by IP Office:

Digital phones #ShuffleList(DigitalPhoneList)# IP phones #ShuffleList(IPPhoneList)#

Technical Specifications:

IP406 V2, IP412 and all Expansion Modules
17.5 W x 2.8 H x 9.7"" D (445 x 71 x 245mm)

Minimum clearance front and back: 3"" (75mm) "> IP Office - Small Office Edition
10.0 W x 3.0 H x 9.5"" D (255 x 76 x 241mm)

Minimum clearance front and back: 3"" (75mm) "> IP Office 500
17.5 W x 2.9 H x 14.4"" D (445 x 73 x 365mm)

Minimum clearance front and back: 3"" (75mm) "> #ShuffleArrBlocks(arrBlock1)#
IP Office 500 System Unit
7.0lbs/3.2kg "> IP406 V2 Control Unit
6.7lbs/3.0Kg "> IP412 Control Unit
6.7lbs/3.0Kg "> IP Office - Small Office Edition
2.6lbs/1.2Kg "> Analog 16 Module
6.5lbs/2.9Kg "> DS 16 Module
6.7lbs/3.0Kg "> DS 30 Module
7.8lbs/3.5Kg "> WAN3 Module
6.3lbs/2.8Kg "> So8 Module
6.3lbs/2.8Kg "> Phone 8 Module
6.3lbs/2.8Kg "> Phone 16 Module
6.5lbs/2.9Kg "> Phone 30 Module
6.94lbs/3.1Kg "> #ShuffleArrBlocks(arrBlock2)#
DTE Port
  • 25 way D-Type female connector, V.24/V.28
  • 9 way D-type on IP412, IP406 V2, IP Office 500 and Small Office Edition
"> ISDN Ports

EU Interfaces:
  • BRI: RJ45 sockets. ETSI S/T Interface to CTR3 for Pan European Connection
  • PRI E1: RJ45 socket. ETSI S/T Interface to CTR4 for Pan European Connection
  • PRI T1/J1: RJ45 socket: FCC Part 68/JATE connection

USA Interfaces:
  • PRI T1 Service: Ground Start (GS) - Default, E&M, 56k data for 5ESS, 56/64/64 restricted for 4ESS
  • PRI ISDN Switch support: DMS-100, 4ESS, DMS-250, 5ESS (includes conformance to ANSI T1.607 and Bellcore Special Report SR4287, 1992)
  • PRI ISDN Services: AT&T Megacom 800, AT&T WATS (4ESS), AT&T SDS Accunet 56kB/s and 64kB/s (4ESS), AT&T Multiquest (4ESS)
"> Analog Trunk Ports
RJ45 sockets: Loop start/Ground start (regional dependant) "> Power Fail Ports
RJ45 sockets "> ISDN Data Rates
  • BRI: B-channel 56kbps or 64kbps, D-channel 16kbps
  • PRI: B-channel 56kbps or 64kbps, D-channel 64kbps
"> Analog Phone Ports
  • RJ45 sockets
  • CLI Schemes: DTMFA, DTMFC, DTMFD, FSK and UK20
  • REN: 2 (External Bell via POT port: REN = 1)
  • Off Hook Current: 25mA
  • Ring Voltage: 40V (nominal) RMS
"> LAN
RJ45 sockets. Auto-negotiating 10/100 BaseT Ethernet (10/100Mbps) "> WAN
  • Small Office Edition: RJ45 Ethernet socket
  • IP406 V2 and IP412: 37 way D-Type female sockets. X.21 interface to 2048k bps, V.35 interface to 2048Kbps and V.24 Interface to 19.2Kbps
"> Audio
  • 3.5mm Stereo Jack socket. Input impedance - 10k/channel
  • Maximum AC signal - 200mV rms
"> External Output Port
  • 3.5mm Stereo Jack socket. Switching Capacity - 0.7A
  • Maximum Voltage - 55V DC. On state resistance - 0.7
  • Short circuit current - 1A. Reverse circuit current capacity - 1.4A
"> Wireless Module
Small Office Edition only
  • 16bit Type II PCMCIA format PC card
  • IEEE 802.11b WiFi
"> Embedded Voice Memory
  • Small Office Edition: 64MB Flash memory, 16bit Type II PCMCIA card
  • IP406 V2 and IP Office 500: 512MB Compact Flash memory card
"> #ShuffleArrBlocks(arrBlock3)#
Unit Dimensions
32 to 104 F (0 to +40 C). 95% relative humidity, non-condensing.

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