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Cisco CallManager
Cisco CallManager is referred to as Cisco Unified CallManager or CCM for short. Cisco CallManager tracks all active VoIP network components, such as gateways, phones, conference bridges, transcoding resources, and utilizes the Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP) as a communications protocol for signaling the hardware endpoints of the system. It extends enterprise telephony capabilities and features to packet telephony network devices such as IP phones, media processing devices, VOIP gateways, and multimedia applications. Using our VARSearch(tm) engine, you can easily find Cisco CallManager in your local area for free!

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Cisco Call Manager

Cisco Unified Communications Manager
Cisco CallManager Key Features:

Primary Functions:

Cisco CallManager provides call control services and signaling to Cisco integrated telephony applications as well as third-party applications. It performs the following primary functions: #ShuffleList(FunctionList)#

Cisco Unified Communications Manager
Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version 6.0

It is the call-processing component of a Cisco Unified Communications system. It provides enterprises a distributable, scalable, and highly available call-processing solution! It includes the following features: #ShuffleList(FunctionList)#
New 24-Button Phone: #ShuffleList(NewPhoneList)#
Mobility Features: #ShuffleList(MobilityList)#
New Telephony Features: #ShuffleList(TelephonyList)#
Database Resilience: #ShuffleList(ResiliencyList)#

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