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Top Reasons to Use and Trust VARSearchTM
by Patrick Oborn, CIO

If there is one thing the internet is good for, it's networking - finding the people who have the skills and expertise that can give you the help you need. Aside from rocket science, there really isn't anything more technical on this planet than communications, specifically computer networks, telephone systems, and voice over internet phone systems. Not only do most manufacturers of this equipment not have direct sales outlets, they do not even pick up the phone if you haven't be certified and trained in their product set. That is where the VAR (Value Added Reseller) Network comes in - to act as your conduit to these telephone and network equipment companies (such as Cisco, Avaya, Lucent, Mitel, Nortel, PolyCom, ShoreTel, and 3Com just to name a few). They can sell you the networking gear and IP PBX phone system equipment you need and, more importantly, set up the system for you exactly the way you want it.

Finding the VARs who do a good job and have the required products and certifications is not an easy proposition. From the yellow pages you can find all of the bigger dealers who can afford to pay the thousands of dollars per year to take out advertisements there, but what about the highly skilled smaller companies? How can you find trusted, reliable VARs that aren't adept at manipulating mass media? The answer is VARSearch, featured exclusively on this web site!

Experience Matters
Telarus, Inc., the parent company of, has been in the telecommunication search business since 2002, when we created and patented GeoQuote - the worlds' first and only real-time T1 price comparison shopping tool. Telarus works with some of the largest companies in the world in order to bring the simple, easy-to-understand search tool to life; vendors like AT&T, Level3, Qwest, and XO just to name a few. The amount of research, programming, and negotiation was enormous, but we successfully reached the finish line. Now, we have set our sites on VARSearch, the world's first (free) interactive tool that allows the general public to find VARs in their local areas, sorted by proximity, product type match, past performance, customer feedback, and more.

We Are Experts in Telecommunications
When we launched in July 2003 and in August 2007, our presence was immediately felt. The real-time pricing software which forms the basis for GeoQuote reduced the turn-around time for customers looking for commercial telecommunication quotes from 2 weeks to 2 seconds. Since then, we have continued to pour resources into keeping GeoQuote up-to-date and filling our web site with useful information. Now, over 3,000 customers later, we still continue to strive for excellence in both telecommunications and in VAR search.

Real-time Search is Our Specialty
As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, Telarus has specialized in real-time T1 and gigabit ethernet price and availability research. The experience and knowledge that we have gained from the development of this technology form the foundation for the VAR Search platform. Instead of matching up customers with the best high-speed internet carrier, now we are matching up customers with the best PBX phone system and network equipment dealers - and what you see now is just the beginning.

We Listen to Our Users
The real secret to our success is that we create software designed by people who use it. What you see here is the end result of taking feedback from hundreds of users, VARs, and others. This feedback is invaluable to our program, and the best ideas are added to our web design team's list of features for future versions of the site. We pride ourselves in being humble enough to recognize that we don't know it all. We are expert marketers and programmers who are here to serve our clients. They need it, we do it.

We are Privately Owned
Miraculously, Telarus has been able to build the VAR network without any venture capital of any kind. This means that decisions can be made quickly and site changes can be implemented without any red tape. The lack of big investors means that VAR Network is not beholden to any outside party with its own self interests. VAR Network's mission is to provide a valuable service to its users, not just to put more money into a Board of Directors' pockets.