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Managed IT Computer Services Technology Search Engine

Managed IT Computer Services Technology Are you looking for a way to keep your web-driven applications up and running? Are you looking for an economical yet efficient way to handle systems monitoring and management? No problem. Are you looking for an ISP that offers reliable web hosting services? You've come to the right place. We have compiled an extensive database of managed IT services and managed IT technology providers in your immediate and surrounding areas. You can begin your search using the form below, which will only gather just enough information to enable the managed IT service providers in your area to get in contact with you. There is no pressure or commitment to buy - this is a free service that helps buyers contact the most appropriate (and nearest) provider.

Managed IT Computer Services Technology Search - Step 1

What Will Happen Next? - After you click "Continue" button above, you will go to the next step of our Managed IT Computer Services partners and dealers search engine. It will ask you about your exact needs and ask you to enter your location information. Following that, you'll be viewing the top 5 Managed IT Computer Services VARs in your area.

In Their Own Words - "Their model is similar to ours in the form of customized services, DirectPointe goes beyond the common managed services of remote network, desktop and security monitoring, patch management, remote data back-up and technical assistance. They know our business and our proprietary applications, so their service is above and beyond what we expected."

Joe Henriod

Managed IT Computer Services - "Managed services" is defined as an umbrella term for third-party monitoring and maintaining of computers, software and networks. The actual equipment may be inhouse or at the third-party's facilities, but is running at a certain quality level or keeping the software up-to-date. For example, an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that hosts a web site typically offers managed services. If the web server goes down, the ISP would be responsible for restoring it. If an organization requires a secure, available, and redundant IT environment to support their business-critical systems and applications, usually it needs the managed IT services including managed security services, hosting services, network services, replication services, email and collaboration services, storage services, and application services, etc.

Managed hosting services Managed hosting services will provide the enterprise-wide benefits including:
  • flexible levels of systems control
  • better end-user productivity
  • reduced demands on internal IT resources
  • SLA-driven 99.9 percent server availability
  • less downtime
  • reduced risks to mission-critical systems and information

Managed e-Mail and collaboration service Managed e-Mail and collaboration service delivers:
  • access to our highly reliable, secure infrastructure
  • improved messaging system efficiency and security
  • onsite support from experienced professionals
  • reduced demand on internal resources
  • optimal employee productivity and customer service
  • simple, cost-effective deployment
  • reduced vulnerability and business risk

Managed application services Managed application services will help your business:
  • improve data access and integrity for end-users
  • ensure professional support, 24x7
  • enhance application performance and operational stability
  • boost productivity
  • help you meet compliance requirements
  • reduce the need for and costs of in-house experts and staff training
Managed security services Managed security services will offer the benefits:
  • a safer, more reliable environment for employees, customers and other end-users
  • higher availability for information and systems
  • reduced security-related losses in revenues, shareholder equity and customer confidence
  • diminished vulnerability and less risk
  • improved levels of data integrity and privacy
  • a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for network security
Managed monitoring services Managed monitoring services will offer the advantages:
  • reduced downtime
  • enhanced end-user experience and employee productivity
  • better capacity planning
  • improved system performance and availability
  • single-sourced systems monitoring capabilities

Managed network services Managed network services will help your business:
  • cuts costs associated with network connectivity
  • extends your capabilities with value-added solutions
  • reduces the need for specialized networking expertise
  • shortens the recovery window
  • provides always-on, always-ready and ready-to go connectivity
  • delivers fast, reliable access
Managed storage services Managed storage services will benefit your business from:
  • improved data integrity and accessibility
  • faster data recovery
  • more efficient recovery and testing response
  • cost-effective backup and storage
  • fewer demands on internal IT staff
  • reduced vulnerability and business risk
Remote managed IT services Remote managed IT services will help your organization to:
  • eliminate the need to hire and retain specialized skill sets
  • improve productivity and avoid downtime
  • decrease operational costs
  • leverage the investment in the industry-leading infrastructure, advanced technologies and skilled technical personnel
  • subscribe only to needed services
  • maintain control over all internal IT assets
Managed replication services Managed replication services will help your business:
  • reduce your total cost of ownership
  • minimize data loss
  • shield customers and third-parties from interruptions
  • ensure enterprise-wide data and application availability
  • mitigate the risk of non-compliance
  • speed up recovery and testing

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