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Published 05.30.2006

VAR Begins Beta Test
by Michelle Edwards

May 30, 2006 - Telarus, Inc. today announced the beta launch of, a web site that facilitates the search for localization of network integrators and value added resellers by companies and individuals seeking their services.

According to Adam Edwards, president of Telarus Inc., "The whole idea of creating a VARNetwork system just fell on our laps. After successfully creating a T1 program through our platform we ended up with thousands of people asking us who we would recommend for cabling, wiring, and PBX system installation. The fact is, we got tired of sending these customers to their local yellow pages. We decided that, with a little bit of research and money, we build a network of VARs that we could rank based upon user feedback and thereby provide valuable information to our T1 clients."

Patrick Oborn, CIO and chief technical architect, added "The VAR idea is not new. Many other companies have attempted to gather VAR information and create searchable platforms, but we are the first to do it at absolutely no cost to the VAR (the advertiser). The VARs in our system only pay a nominal 5% commission if and only if they successfully complete a sale. That eliminates all of the risk from our VARs and creates a winning business model."

The main launch of the VAR web site is currently scheduled for June 7, 2006, at which time the public will be able to search for VARs in their local area. In order for a VAR to show up in the search results, they must first register with the VAR Network and create a service and coverage area profile. The process currently takes just under 5 minutes on average to complete.

VAR currently specializes in lead generation for people looking for network equipment, including 3Com, Adtran, Advantech, AstroCom PowerLink Pro, Carrier Access, CePoint Networks, Cisco Systems, Digital Link, Emulex, Extreme Networks, Fastcomm, Foundry Networks, Juniper Networks, Kentrox, Linksys, Lucent Technologies, Micom, Motorola, Netopia, Newbridge, Paradyne, Premisys, Qlogic, Redback Networks, SBS Technologies, Sonic Wall, Telco Systems, Telinc, Verilink, Vina, and telephone systems (regular PBX, ipPBX, and VoIP) including 3Com-NBX, A+, ADTRAN, Allworx, Aptela, Artisoft, Asterisk, AT&T, Avaya, Bogen, Cisco, Comdial, Ericcson, Executone, Extrom, Fujitsu/Focus, GTE, Harris, Hitachi, Inter-Tel, Isoetec, ITT, Linksys, Lucent Technologies, Meridian, Mitel, NEC, Nitsuko, Nortel, Panasonic, Plantronics, Polycom, Prostar, Samsung, ShoreTel, Siemens/Rolm, Tel-Plus, Telco Systems, Telect, Telesynergy, Tellabs, Telrad, TIE, Toshiba, Vertical (Vodavi), Zultys, 3Com, Accutone, Adix, Allworx, AltiGen, Amtelco, Applied Voice Technology (AVT), Artisoft, Aspect, Asterisk, Asuzi, AT&T, Atlas, Avaya, AVG-Eagle, BBS Telecom, Bizfon, Bosch, Cohort, COM2001 Technologies, Comdial, Computer Talk Technology, Cortelco Kellogg, Creative Integrated Systems, Dash, Dba Telecom, Duvoice, ECI, Encore, Ericsson, Estech (ESI), Executone, Extrom, Flash Communications, Fonality, Fujitsu, Galaxy, Harris, Hitachi, IDS, Intecom, Inter-Tel, Interactive Intelligence, Isotec, ITT, Iwatsu, Kanda, KS Telecom, Lucent Technologies, Macrotel, MCK Communications, Merlin, Mitel, NBX Corporation, NEC Communications, Newtronix, Nitsuko America, Nortel Networks, Northcom, Omega, OmniLink, Panasonic, Picazo Communications, Plantronics, Polycom, Premier, Prostar, Quintum, Redcom, Rolm, Samsung, SciTec, ShoreTel, Siemens, Spectralink, Spirit, Sprint, Starplus, Switchvox, Tadrian, TalkSwitch, Teleco, Telematrix, Telrad, Teltronics, TIE, TMC, Toshiba, TouchWave, TransTel, Triad, Trilium, TT Systems, Vertical (Vodavi), Walker, WIN Communications,

For more information on the VAR program, please contact Adam Edwards at (801) 523-2100 x201.

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