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Published 08.01.2007

VAR Network Launches VARSearch 3.0
by Michelle Edwards

DRAPER, UTAH -, a wholly owned subsidiary of Telarus Inc, announced the release of VARSearch 3.0, the next generation in logic that matches customers looking for networking and telephony equipment with Value Added Resellers. VARSearch 3.0 can be found in action on and on hundreds of private branded affiliate sites throughout the internet.

"The secret to our VAR program is our ability to match up customers with the right VAR partners" commented #VARContact.Fname# #VARContact.Lname#, #VARContact.Title#. "VARSearch 3.0 is the brains behind the decision making process and takes into account the services the VAR offers, prior customer feedback, and activity level in order to find the best match."

The requirements for VARSearch 3.0 came from customer feedback and from feedback received from VAR partners and agents alike. Using the new logic, VARs who send Telarus their telecom service business will receive a substantially higher number of leads from VARSearch 3.0.

"We are all extremely excited about the release of VARSearch 3.0" added Adam Edwards, president of Telarus. "Our VAR program has been the cornerstone of our growth in 2007 and we look forward to further engaging with a select number of VARs. VARSearch 3.0 will see ensure that we are sending more leads to our VAR partners, especially the ones who send us their telcom business."

Telarus currently is the only company in the telecom industry that reciprocates telecom equipment leads to its VAR partners on a consistent basis. Telarus generates equipment leads on its web site,, through it's affiliate web sites, and through direct agent referals. So far in 2007 Telarus reports sending out an average of 100 leads per business day to its VAR partners.

"The leads we refer to our VAR partners mirror our marketing efforts" added Patrick Oborn, Technical Marketing Director for Telarus. "We have focused our search engine optimization in the area of Cisco, Fonality, and Avaya products up to this point, and look forward to branching out to all of the major brands. As we do this, the volume of leads we generate are expected to increase, making it possible to adequately feed more of our partners with legitimate sales opportunities."

"Our goal is to be the preeminent master agent in the telecom space" continued Edwards. "To do this, we want to make our VAR partners the number one partners in their respective niches."

For more information on the VAR program, please contact #VARContact.Fname# #VARContact.Lname# at #UtilityService.FormatPhoneNumber(VARContact.PhoneWork)#.
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