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Nortel MICS
The Nortel MICS (Modular Integrated Communications System) provides a perfect solution for business to accommodate changing business requirements as well as new technological developments. If you are looking for a reliable, feature-rich business phone system that supports up to 24 incoming lines and up to 274 extensions, the Nortel MICS is a good fit for you!

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Nortel MICS Phone System

Nortel MICS Key Features:
  • Reliability with one of the highest mean time between failures in the industry over 100 years.
  • Digital technology creates a platform for current and future PC-based applications.
  • Modular, scalable design lets you choose the system that fits your needs today, while planning for the future.
  • Wide range of call processing and call handling features designed to drive productivity and profitability into your business.
  • High bandwidth to the desktop enables you to use applications like ISDN and CTI without changing your existing wiring.
  • Leverage Digital Mobility to provide increased employee productivity and collaboration, improved customer service, significant cost savings, new revenues and growth opportunities.
Nortel MICS Accessories:

The Nortel MICS is the hub of business phone system. It has strong ability to connect a variety of equipment and integrate all of the various functions each provides.

However, one thing needs to mention is that some supported features such as Caller ID require you to purchase the service from your local telecom company.

Technical Specifications:

Characteristics ICS TM SM
47 - 63 45 - 70 45 - 70
Voltage V ac 110 - 120 110 - 120 110 - 120
Crest Factor 4.0 4.0 4.0
Current A rms (max) 2.6 1.75 1.0

Overflow 0.25 on / 0.25 off Ringback 2.0 on / 4.0 off
Busy 0.5 on / 0.5 off Confirmation 1.0 on / 1.0 off (3 bursts followed by no tone)
Expensive Route 0.3 on / 0.3 off (3 bursts) Recall 1.0 / 1.0 off (3 bursts followed by steady tone)
Ring Splash 0.2 on (1 burst)

Current at telephone (idle) 45 mA nominal Loop length 300 m (1000 ft) without SAPS
780 m (2600 ft) with SAPS
Current at telephone (active) 80 mA maximum
Loop resistance 64 Ohms (300 m of 0.5 mm wire or 1000 ft of 24 AWG wire) Min. voltage at telephone 10 V dc

"> CHARACTERISTIC SPEC/VALUE CHARACTERISTIC SPEC/VALUE Physical RJ48C 8-pin modular jack Line code AMI/B8ZS* Impedence 100 Ohms Line rate 1.544 +/- 32 Mbps Framing Superframe/extended superframe*

"> CHARACTERISTIC SPEC/VALUE CHARACTERISTIC SPEC/VALUE Electrostatic discharge IEC 1000-4-2 / EN 61000-4-2 severity level 3 max. Radiated Immunity max. of 5 V/m from 100 kHz to 1 GHz Connectors IEC 1000-4-2 / EN 61000-4-2 severity level 2 ICS and telephones of 15 kV with a 300 Ohm/150 pF probe Conducted immunity max. of 3 V rms from 0.1 MHz to 30 MHz


"> CHARACTERISTIC SPEC/VALUE CHARACTERISTIC SPEC/VALUE Line build out 0, 7.5, or 15 dB* Payload loopback support Remote activation/deactivation via FDL as per TR 54016 or TIA-547A Carrier failure alarms (CFA) Alarm indication signal (AIS)
Red Yellow Line loopback support Remote activation/deactivation via in-band code or FDL as per TR 54016 or TIA-547A Input dynamic range 0 to -26 dB (typical) Performance reporting Simultaneous support of TR 54016 or TIA-547A

"> CHARACTERISTIC SPEC/VALUE CHARACTERISTIC SPEC/VALUE E&M Immediate start (pulse dialing only), Wink start, Delay start or ring-down tie line*
Pulse/DTMF dialing*     Loop start with answer and disconnect super. OSI interval*
Pulse/DTMF dialing* DID Immediate start (pulse dialing only), Wink start or Delay start*
Pulse/DTMF dialing*

"> CHARACTERISTIC SPEC/VALUE CHARACTERISTIC SPEC/VALUE Monitor jack Bridging via Bantam jack Card edge loopback activate/deactivate via maintenance Payload loopback activate/deactivate via maintenance*     Line loopback activate/deactivate via maintenance* Continuity loopback activate/deactivate via push button on faceplate*

"> CHARACTERISTIC SPEC/VALUE CHARACTERISTIC SPEC/VALUE Width 11.8 in. Weight 13.23 lbs with power supply 16.5 lbs with all slots filled Height 24.8 in. Depth 6.7 in.

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Product Model Comparisons:

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Norstar: Systems - Compact 3 x 8 Norstar: Systems - Compact ICS Norstar: Systems - Modular ICS
Pictures Nortel System Compact 3x8 Nortel System Compact ICS Nortel System Modular ICS
Supports up to 8 users Supports up to 24 users Supports up to 224 users
Shares many components with Norstar Compact ICS. Shares many components with Norstar Modular ICS. Shares many components with BCM portfolio (for a long-term convergence strategy)
Reliable, cost effective voice connectivity Includes automated attendant and Calling Line Identification (CLID) Can be used for multi-site networking and centralized voicemail

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