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Product Name Author    Last Post

Active   Lucent Phone System with Phones    MECO    10/26/07 1:42 PM
Active   Lucent 4412D+    church    06/01/07 2:27 AM
Active   Merlin Legend Com. System 4.0    GarthPickering    01/22/07 5:53 PM
Active   AT&T Lucent Definity Prologic Phone System w/Audix    Equipment    08/18/06 6:12 PM
Active   Lucent MAX TNT® APX® 8000 TNTV-SL-ADI-C    Equipment Deals    08/15/06 9:31 PM
Active   Lucent PSAX® 1250 19" Sys w/2x 20N20 2x 20N11 2x 2    Equipment Deals    08/15/06 9:30 PM
Active   Lucent PSAX® 1250/2300 20N63 STM-1 SM Fibre Module    Equipment Deals    08/15/06 9:29 PM
Active   Lucent PSAX® 1250/2300 20N72 1-Port OC3MM APS 1+1    Equipment Deals    08/15/06 9:28 PM
Active   Lucent Max TNT® 480-Port DSP T1 SIP VoIP V.92 TNT-    Equipment Deals    08/15/06 9:26 PM
Active   Lucent Max TNT® 672-Port DSP T3 SIP VoIP V.92 11.0    Equipment Deals    08/15/06 9:26 PM
Active   Lucent Max TNT® 960-Port DSP E1 SIP VoIP V.92 R2    Equipment Deals    08/15/06 9:24 PM
Active   Lucent APX® 8000 w/2688 Ports SIP/V.92/H232 4x Max    Equipment Deals    08/15/06 9:23 PM
Active   P550 Cajin w/ 2 ac power, M5500 sup    internet-gear    08/11/06 5:03 PM
Active   Lucent/Clarent/ACT SMD 9400/ V410    internet-gear    08/11/06 5:02 PM
Active   PM3 portmaster 10 port modem card    internet-gear    08/11/06 5:01 PM
Active   TN Lucent T1 card V21, V16, or V6    internet-gear    08/11/06 5:00 PM
Active   MAP100 ACY2C signal Processor card    internet-gear    08/11/06 4:59 PM
Active   Callmaster II phone 602-A1    internet-gear    08/11/06 4:58 PM
Active   GX-550 Interface Timing module    internet-gear    08/11/06 4:58 PM
Active   CBX 500 Chassis HECI BAM2VE0BRA    internet-gear    08/11/06 4:57 PM
Active    VFC-03A voice card (from cleartrac V410    internet-gear    08/11/06 4:56 PM
Active   Lucent/Clarent/ACT SMD 9400/ V410    internet-gear    08/11/06 4:55 PM
Active   B-STDX 9000 DSX-1IOP    internet-gear    08/11/06 4:54 PM
Active   B-STDX9000 HSSI IOP    internet-gear    08/11/06 4:53 PM
Active   CBX 500 DS3 adapter HECI BAL3XFGEAB    internet-gear    08/11/06 4:53 PM
Active   CBX 500 Chan DS3 back card    internet-gear    08/11/06 4:51 PM
Active   CBX 500 DS3 FR/IP Adapt mod 6 port back card    internet-gear    08/11/06 4:50 PM
Active   CBX 500 Switch processor 10 HECI BAC1SOBDAA    internet-gear    08/11/06 4:49 PM
Active   AP600 Access Point Ethernet AP-PMC-01    internet-gear    08/11/06 4:49 PM
Active   P333T 24 port 10/100 AC power    internet-gear    08/11/06 4:47 PM
Active   AP600 Access Point Ethernet    internet-gear    08/11/06 4:46 PM
Active   AP600 Access point 4 port T1/E1 AP-PMC-06    internet-gear    08/11/06 4:45 PM
Active   AP600 Access Point 4 port T1/E1    internet-gear    08/11/06 4:44 PM
Active   AP600 Access Point 10/100BT    internet-gear    08/11/06 4:43 PM
Active   Equipment frame with 9 LUCENT DSX-1-R1-84-F/6B23/B    ncctel    08/10/06 9:46 PM

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