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Poster Cisco Systems - Voip labs, routers, mcs servers, pix's wifi and mo

Aug 18, 2006 2:03 AM # 1  
Born Consultants

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Voip labs, routers, mcs servers, pix's wifi and mo
We are Cisco SMB select partners, and I have a lab of stuff that was used for an agreement with them. Now I have a house full of items no longer in use, some were never used. Some items i'll list you can request others as I might have forgot about them, prices should be much more reasonable then what I see listed so far. Routers 1760's various wic's ava. Also one 1760-vpn model. I have various IOS's that can be loaded to chose from, most are the advanced security packs. Various moduals ava. 520 Pix w/ latest sw and 16mb flash card, 256 mb of ram, UR license w/ 3AES and all features enabled Voip items 7970G Touch screen phone, w/ power cube PoE optional VG200 Gateway NM-HDV-2t1-48 card w/ 4 PVDM's + DI 2 authentic Media Convergance Servers, for Call manager solutions. Both are dual processors, w/ Raid 5 array's sw installed already New 7920 wifi Voip phone w/ 5 extra batteries Cisco IAD routers Cisco Cache Engine ce550 1231g aironet's w/ poe or power cubes 1900MWR w/ hdv-2t1 card 1941MWR w nm-hdv-2t1 Additional nm-hdv card for either model ATA 186 and 188 model Inquire about any other items, we can configure them before shipping if needed, and install the right IOS/Cards/etc for your custom needs. I am willing to work w/ you on prices, or possible swaps for equipment I may need. I can take credit/paypal/check's but they have to clear before shipping. These are all from Cisco for labs required to meet partnership agreements, smartnet is ava as well. If you are truely interested make an offer on what you would like. I can upload images of them, do the sh ver etc... Questions: Need low priced webspace or shell accounts, check out my other company

Quantity: 35
Asking Price: $ 1.00
Total Shipping Cost (Estimated): $ 1.00
Total Price: $ 36.00

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Contact Information:

- Name: jacob mcmaster
- Phone: 7082539944
- Email:

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