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Poster Cisco Systems - AS5350, AS5350XM, AS5400XM, AS5400HPX

Feb 15, 2007 10:05 PM # 1  

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AS5350, AS5350XM, AS5400XM, AS5400HPX
CISCO AS5300, AS5350, AS5350XM, AS5400, AS5400XM, AS5400HPX, AS5850 VoIP Gateways - For a limited time only while supplies last we will be blowing out all of our CISCO AS5300, AS5350, AS5350XM, AS5400, AS5400HPX, AS5400XM, AS5850 VoIP Gateways. All of these CISCO AS5350, AS5350XM, AS5400, AS5400HPX, AS5400XM, AS5850 VoIP Gateways are tested in a working enviroment, cleaned and in "Like New Condition" with DORETEL Communications own in-house 90 day warranty. Take advantage of these "Smoking Deals" today: AS5300-120-VOIP-A $7,000 AS5300-96-VOIP-A $6,500 AS535-2T1-48-AC $7,200 AS535-2E1-60-AC $7,300 AS535-4T1-96-AC $9,500 AS535-4E1-120-AC $11,500 AS535-8T1-192-AC $14,500 AS535-8E1-210-AC $15,500 AS535XM-2T1-60-AC $8,024 AS535XM-2E1-60-AC $8,124 AS535XM-4T1-96-AC $11,524 AS535XM-4E1-120-AC $14,024 AS535XM-4E1-108-AC $11,524 AS535XM-8T1-192-AC $17,974 AS535XM-8E1-210-AC $17,974 AS54-4T1-96-AC $11,500 AS54-4E1-120-AC $14,000 AS54-4E1-108-AC $11,500 AS54-8T1-192-AC $17,450 AS54-8E1-210-AC $17,550 AS54-16T1-384-AC $28,400 AS54-16E1-480-AC $30,500 AS54-CT3-324-AC $19,500 AS54-CT3-648-AC $29,000 AS54HPX-2T1-48-AC $10,750 AS54HPX-2E1-60-AC $10,750 AS54HPX-4T1-96-AC $14,750 AS54HPX-4E1-120-AC $15,500 AS54HPX-6E1-168-AC $17,500 AS54HPX-6T1-144-AC $17,500 AS54HPX-8E1-276-AC $23,500 AS54HPX-8T1-192-AC $19,450 AS54HPX-8E1-240-AC $22,450 AS54HPX-10E1-270-AC $24,500 AS54HPX-16T1-384-AC $30,950 AS54HPX-16E1-480-AC $33,500 AS54HPX-CT3-540-AC $30,500 AS54HPX-CT3-648-AC $33,500 AS54XM-2T1-60-AC $10,676 AS54XM-2E1-60-AC $10,776 AS54XM-4T1-96-AC $14,176 AS54XM-4E1-120-AC $14,776 AS54XM-4E1-108-AC $14,176 AS54XM-8T1-192-AC $20,626 AS54XM-8E1-210-AC $20,726 AS54XM-16T1-384-AC $30,576 AS54XM-16E1-480-AC $33,576 AS54XM-CT3-324-AC $33,176 AS54XM-CT3-648-AC $42,176 AS585-1DS3-672-DC $68,508 AS585-2DS3-1344-DC $105,308 AS585-3DS3-2016-DC $157,108 AS585-4DS3-2688-DC $192,908 AS585-24T1-576-DC $74,205 AS585-48T1-1152-DC $131,945 AS585-72T1-1728-DC $173,845 AS585-96T1-2304-DC $215,745 AS585-24E1-720-DC $89,958 AS585-48E1-1440-DC $131,858 AS585-72E1-2160-DC $173,758 AS585-86E1-2580-DC $199,658 DORETEL Communications, Inc. can cover all of your Cisco VoIP AS5350, AS5350XM, AS5400, AS5400XM, AS5400HPX, AS5850 Gateway needs. We can provide them New Sealed, Factory Refurb & Pre-Owned. What separates us from the other companies is our top-notch customer service, configuration services and the simply fact that you do not have to worry about what you are buying. We have a leasing option for every customer. If you want to lease New, Factory Refurb or Pre-Owned Cisco equipment we can do it. Contact us today for a Credit Application. Also we supply Cisco, Quintum, Cantata, AudioCodes Hardware, Turn-Key Class 5 SoftSwitch, Wholesale VoIP Platform, Calling Card Platform, Wholesale VoIP Traffic A-Z, 1-800 Toll Free International & Domestic, Worldwide DID Provider, Calling Card Printing & Design and much more.... Visit us online today... Shane Breen DORETEL Communications, Inc. Director of Sales & Marketing P: 404.755.5721 F: 404.529.4617 AIM: ShaneBreen2003 Your Total VoIP Solutions Provider... Call Today 404.755.5721

Quantity: 25
Asking Price: Call
Total Shipping Cost (Estimated): $ 150.00
Total Price: NA

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Contact Information:

- Name: Shane Breen
- Phone: 4047555721
- Email:

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