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Poster AT&T Inc - AT&T Lucent Avaya Partner ACS 7.0 Phone System w/5

Aug 18, 2006 5:59 PM # 1  

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AT&T Lucent Avaya Partner ACS 7.0 Phone System w/5
AT&T Lucent Avaya Partner ACS 7.0 Phone System w/5 MLS-18D Phones * Partner ACS 7.0 Features: * * Provides 5 lines and 9 stations * Enhanced backup/restore capabilities to let you back up your Partner system programming to either the internal memory of the Partner ACS R7.0 processor or a PC Card * Provides an RJ-45 serial port (Admin port) to allow you to connect to the Partner system either directly from the COM port of a PC or via an extenal modem that is connected to the Admin port and administer the system via Administration Software * Dual line Caller ID support puts the caller's name and number on your telephone display * 2 PC Card slots for backup/restore of system programming, voice messaging PC cards, ASA/DXD, and software upgrades * Direct connection of analog answering machines, fax machines, telephones, and modems to station ports * Works with Partner Voice Messaging PC Cards, Partner Mail VS, and Partner Messaging Release 1.0 voice mail systems * Support of 1600 DSL module, a module that contains up to 16 lines on one line jack * Compatible with Computer Telephony Integration via PassageWay TAPI (Telephony Application Program Interface) based solutions * 100 programmable system speed dial numbers * Internal call forwarding and call follow me * 2 contact-closure connections to control door locks, security systems, and other devices by using contact-closure adjunct * Music port for digital music * SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording) port * Built in Paging Port * 2 Power failure transfer ports * * Partner Large Voice Messaging PC Card R3.0 Features: * * 2-Port x 16-Mailbox System with 110 Minutes total storage. Handles up to two calls simultaneously and provides service for up to 16 subscribers. Can be configured for 2, 4, 6, 8 10, 12, 14, or 16 mailboxes. * Automated Attendant Service. Answers your company’s outside calls and transfers them to the destination selected by the caller (i.e. "Press 1 for sales...Press 2 for technical...etc."). * Call Answer Service. Prompts caller to leave a message or transfer to another extension when the called party does not answer. Release 3.0 also provides Answer Only Mode that a personal greeting to be played with a subsequent disconnect. * Voice Mail Service. Allows subscribers to listen to messages, delete or save messages, fast forward or rewind while listening to a message, record a personal greeting, change their password, replay messages, skip messages, change mailbox call answer mode * Night Service. Provides after-hours service in addition to daytime service. * Instalation is easy. Slides easily in one of your PC Card Slots on your Partner ACS Processor. * * Partner Remote Access PC Card Features: * * Gives you 14.4 modem for remote administration of the Partner ACS System * Gives you Backup/Restore media for system translations

Quantity: 1
Asking Price: $ 1,649.99
Total Shipping Cost (Estimated): $ 25.00
Total Price: $ 1,674.99

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Contact Information:

- Name: Contact Sales
- Phone: 8886543376
- Email:

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