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Poster AT&T Inc - AT&T Lucent Avaya Partner Plus Phone System w/6 Ph

Aug 18, 2006 6:02 PM # 1  

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AT&T Lucent Avaya Partner Plus Phone System w/6 Ph
# 200E Module # Partner Mail R3 # (1) MLS-18D Black Refurbished # (1) MLS-12D Black Refurbished # (4) MLS-12 Black Refurbished # 2-Port x 100-Mailbox System with 6 hours message storage capacity. This system can take up to two calls at the same time and provides service for up to 100 users. # Expandable. Can be expanded to 6-Ports and 16 hours message storage time with Partner Mail 2-Port Expansion Card # Automated Attendant Service. Will answers your company’s outside calls and lets callers transfer to specific extensions, play pre-recorded announcements, play a submenu with additional options. Also provides automatic call routing with selector codes (i.e. "Press 1 for sales...Press 2 for technical...etc.") and fax recognition and routing. Caller can choose between two languages. # Call Answer Service. Asks caller to leave a message or transfer to another extension when the called party does not answer. # Voice Mail Service. Lets subscribers to listen to messages, delete messages, send messages, reply to messages, forward messages, record a personal greeting, administer a personal operator, administer outcalling to a telephone number or pager change their password. # Night Service. Provides after-hours service in addition to daytime service.

Quantity: 1
Asking Price: $ 1,050.00
Total Shipping Cost (Estimated): $ 55.00
Total Price: $ 1,105.00

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Contact Information:

- Name: Contact Sales
- Phone: 8886543376
- Email:

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