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Poster Telco Systems - Telect and othe rpower equipment

Jul 26, 2010 11:04 AM # 1  

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Telect and othe rpower equipment
(12) Telect 009-0002-1005 fuse panel GMT single input @415 (3) Telect 009-8004-1001 fuse panel KTK dual feed 4/4 @688 (6) Telect HPGMT20 fuse panel,gmt dual feed 20/20 telect @500 (2) Peco II 6170036P fuse panel for the Peco 153M @999 (2) EEE Disconnect, DCD1200/48/1200C/7533 disconnect RO/RC w/motor 48v1200a EPM @3600 (1) EEE Disconnect, DCD800/48R/8533 disconnect MO/MC 48v800a EPM @1400 (2) Benning BLI 26253000400 inverter,Benning mod. Tebevert III 25kVA @7000 (10) Ericcsson BMJ403011-5 rectifier,Ericsson 48v 100a 208/240vac @950 (6) Central Steel RU5525DGK rack,unequal flange bay 84" Lucent Blue @400

Quantity: As above listed
Asking Price: 47,000
Total Shipping Cost (Estimated): $ 250.00
Total Price: NA

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Contact Information:

- Name: Drew Ellis
- Phone: 3154634793
- Email:

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