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Poster Toshiba - Toshiba Strata CTX100 Phone System with 14 Phones

Aug 18, 2006 9:41 PM # 1  

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Toshiba Strata CTX100 Phone System with 14 Phones
Toshiba Strata CTX100 Phone System with 14 Phones Phone System is Set up 12 Lines by 24 Digital Extensions. Toshiba Strata CTX-100 is a compact system that provides large system features. It is designed for wall mounting. The CTX100 is 2-cabinet system. Cabinets includes the following : ACTU1A - Toshiba ACTU1A CTX100 System Common Control Processor Unit 2x BDKU1 - Toshiba 8 Circuit Digital Station Interface Unit (0x8) RCOU ; Toshiba Loop Start CO Line Interface Subassembly (4x0) RCOS - Toshiba Loop Start CO Line Interface Subassembly (4x0) Toshiba RCOS1A Loop Start CO Line Interface Subassembly (4x0) Strategy -Toshiba Stratagy IVP 8 2 Port Voicemail System (32Mb Flash) Description : For Use With Toshiba DK16, 16e, 40, 40i, 280, 424, 424i, and CTX Phone Systems. Toshiba Stratagy IVP 2 to 8 Port Voicemail. 4 Hours of Flash Memory Storage. Unit Plugs into Phone System Cabinet. Full Automated Attendant. Company Directory with first and last names. Direct Mail Box Transfer. Pager Notifications. Day/Evening Greetings. Built-In Remote Modem Administration. =================================================== Phones Included - 14 total 1x Toshiba 2020SD 5x Toshiba 2010SD 8x Toshiba 2010H Strata CTX100 14 Phone System Taken from service in good working order Phones Clean and tested with new cords and DESI papers Please Call with any questions

Quantity: 1
Asking Price: $ 1,899.99
Total Shipping Cost (Estimated): $ 35.00
Total Price: $ 1,934.99

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Contact Information:

- Name: Contact Sales
- Phone: 8886543376
- Email:

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