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Poster Comdial - Comdial Impact DXP Phone System w/ Quick " Q " / 1

Aug 18, 2006 6:09 PM # 1  

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Comdial Impact DXP Phone System w/ Quick " Q " / 1
2 KSU Cabinets and 10 Phones w/ new Line and Handset Cords & Desi's Phones Included : 2x - 8112S-GT 3x - 8112N-GT 4x - 8024S-GT 1x - 8024S-GT Phone w/ DSS Station The Phone is used, but is still in great condition Comes with new Desis on Phones, Line and Handset cords Card Slot Assignments : Cabinet #1 ----------------------------- 1-DXINT-PLSM1 Interface Card for Main Cabinet 2-DXCPU-PLS DXP CPU Board 3-DXSRV-PLS DXP Plus Services Board 4-DXDST-16 16 Port DXP Digital Card 5-DXDST-16 16 Port DXP Digital Card 6-DXDST-16 16 Port DXP Digital Card 7-DXPCO-GD8 DXP 8 port CO line card. Multi-Purpose. 8-DXPCO-GD8 DXP 8 port CO line card. Multi-Purpose 9-DXPT1 T1 card for the Comdial DXP 10-DXDST-16 16 Port DXP Digital Card Card Slot Assignments : Cabinet #2 --------------------------------------- 1- DXINT-PLSX2 560 Interface Board for 2nd Cabinet 2- 3- 4- DXPT1 T1 card for the Comdial DXP 5- DXDST-16 16 Port DXP Digital Card 6- DXDST-16 16 Port DXP Digital Card 7- DXDST-16 16 Port DXP Digital Card 8- 9- ================================================ The DXP provides cheap solutions and data communications using the latest PCM/TDM (pulse code modulated/time division multiplexing) digital switching technology. The fully modular system has a main cabinet and an expansion cabinet which supports a maximum setup of 32 lines and 192 stations, or 120 lines and 16 stations. By using the maximum of five, 24-channel T-1 boards, the system will support 64 stations without reducing the maximum line capacity of 120 lines. With Comdial System Networking, your growth options are almost limitless. You can seamlessly link up to 10 DXPs (nodes) with a Comdial FXS, FXT or DXP Plus (hub) system, to create one integrated unit as your business grows. The DXP supports a full range of Comdial messaging solutions to improve employee productivity and help ensure that your most important asset, your customers, get quick answers and the best service possible. With Comdial, there’s a solution to fit any size business. Choose either Comdial’s serverbased Small OfficeTMNT or Corporate Office®NT for full featured voice mail. Add the functionality of Visual Call Management, and voice messages can be managed and calls returned from a desktop PC. Just another notch up on the productivity and customer service scale. DXP Features Account Codes with Positive Verification Alternate Attendant Automatic Reports Automatic Number Identification Background Music Call Forward Call Forward Outside System Call Pickup Caller ID RNA Call Park with Recall Working Class of Service Centrex-compatible Centrex Message Waiting Support Console Support Wireless Handset Support Database Programming with PC and Windows-based Program Discriminating Ringing Direct Inward Dialing Direct Inward System Access Direct Line Access by Station E-1 and T-1 Digital Carrier Interface E&M Tie Line Support Seven-party Conferencing Ground Start Line Support Dialed Number Identification Services Industry-standard Telephone Support ISDN-PRI Support Last Number Redial Line Group Selection Liquid Crystal Display Messaging Multi-purpose Line Board Off-premises Extension Personal Intercom Number Pooled Line Access Station Hunting Remote Programming and Diagnostics Private Lines Subdued Off-hook Voice Announce (SOHVA) Voice Mail Integration Station Message Detail Accounting and Recording Tap/Recall TAPI-compliant Telephony Services Application Programming Interface (TSAPI) Support Trunk Answer from any Station Trunk Class of Service Unsupervised Conference ---------------------------------- Comdial’s QuickQ™ ACD is a robust automatic call distribution system for your business communications center. Its sophisticated features such as real-time updates and routing of calls by either DNIS, DID, or Caller ID gives you the flexibility to create your own state-of-the-art call center.

Quantity: 1
Asking Price: $ 999.99
Total Shipping Cost (Estimated): $ 112.00
Total Price: $ 1,111.99

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- Phone: 8886543376
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